Guidelines for Trail Use

No Motorized Vehicles
Violators face prosecution and fines. (Wheelchairs excepted)

Trail Courtesy
All trail users should be respectful of others, regardless of their mode or speed. All users yield to horses. Cyclists yield to pedestrians and horses.

Stop At All Road Crossings – Stay on the Trail
Leaving trail boundaries constitutes illegal trespassing subject to prosecution.

Keep it Natural
Litter and trash along the trail spoil it for everyone, so do not throw trash along the way. Even better, pick up any litter that you may find, and carry it out.

Use of bicycle helmets is strongly recommended for cyclists.

All dogs must be on a leash.  Clean up after your pet.

Trail is closed from dusk to dawn.

Emergencies and suspicious activities should be reported to the local sheriff immediately.

Please report all hazardous conditions to the authorities for that jurisdiction, or if unsure, contact:
NORTA at 419-822-4788, or by E-MAIL at
Fulton County: 419-335-4010
Henry County: 419-592-8010
Lucas County: 419-243-5111
Metroparks: 419-407-9718
Wauseon Police contact:  419-335-3821
Williams County: 419-636-3151